Well this is the bit you need to know !   


 It is our aim to make you a proficient guitarist as soon as possible. With commitment and some practice this can be achieved much quicker than you might think.

Working through our 3 learning zones; Beginners, Riff'n'Oligy and MasterClass. Using the latest computer technology and the well structured content of our lessons, tailored to your individual needs, you will soon master the art of playing the guitar. Click the links to the left to find out more information about each learning zone.


We don't make you take any exams or issue silly certificates but when ready you'll be given the chance to; record your work, build up a portfolio and then burn this to CD to display  your expertise. 

Tuition can either be 1 to 1 or in small groups for our younger students ( 9 to 12 year olds) but we are very flexible, all ages are welcome, your never to old to learn!